Xenia /Nomadic

Room Opera I (installation)

issue: refugees and loosing roots

based on t.v news footage and video material recorded on trips to the U.S. A. by Nina Goede

created 1991-93

presented '93 Berlin

idea/realisation - Nina Goede

paper landscape installation - N.G.

video film/soundtrack, 40 min., for three monitors and projection onto paper landscape - N.G.




Opera Brut (performance)

issue: refugees and loosing roots

based on text-fragments from letters of bosnien refugees, researched on the internet by N.G.

created 1998

performed '98 Charlotte N.C./New York City

idea/stage direction - Nina Goede

video projections/sound composition - N. G.

vocal conception - N. G.

singer/actress - N. G.

musican/actor - Chris Croll (drums, Charlotte performance)

musican/actor Matt Bua (toys, electric guitar, N.Y.C. performance)