chinese children summer workshop/new york 2000

Vocal/dramatic/body gesture work in the Opéra Brut style,

based on the animal fable "Le Renard et le Corbeau" by

De La Fontaine. Workshop given in French with students of the

Florentine Music School, New York.


workshop berlin 1990 (research for Macbeth Play I)

During a two-month period dancers from the Tanzfabrik Berlin

and the Opéra Brut Ensemble improvised together.

Body movement, light, and vocals with electronic effects became

the creative universe for Macbeth Play I directed by N.G.


workshop pisa/livorno 1987

Vocal/dramatic/body gesture work in the Opéra Brut style

based on text fragments from Goethe's Faust, with the students of the

Collesalvetti School of Dramatic Arts (Tuscany, Italy).


body gesture/Salomé 1985 (preparation for Salomé)

During a three-month period dancers, actors and singers were

trained in the body gesture language used in Salomé by N.G.