Room Opera II

"the artists have rediscovered faith in something all too inaccessible in our feeling-impoverished, quick-paced existence: shelter, warmth, trust. Something in the words of Ernst Bloch, "which everybody seems to know from childhood, but where no one ever was: 'Home.'"

--Elfi Kreis, May 31, 1995 (Art critic for Kunstforum / TAGESSPIEGEL

"An impressively versatile combination of talents results in an interesting, at times strangely touching, new audio-visual installation, "Room-Opera II," by European visual artist Nina Goede and American composer Daniel Werts…"

--Joseph Merkel, Artspeak--October, 1995

"…the sensitive installation leads the viewer along a trail of quite dramatic ideas."

--Brigitte Werneburg, die tageszeitung, Berlin May 14, 1995.

Room Opera I: Xenia

" impressive installation of sound, video and projections. …traversing different stages of processing, from realism to full abstraction, Goede's images wash over a snow-white mountain of crumpled paper in an emotionally penetrating play of light and shadow."

--Martina Helmig, Berliner Morgenpost, May 22, 1994

"…confronting the themes of identity, home and roots, Goede's images transport the viewer to inner spaces that defy verbal description."

--Katarina Bettina Mueller, TIP (Berlin), May 10, 1994

Macbeth-Play I

"…sound, color, light and physical gesture seek the specificity of feeling that the rational and the verbal can only imply."

--Bernard Holland, The New York Times, December 22, 1990

"…the absolute high point of the evening…Nina Goede shaped her material with great dramatic precision; her near transcendent emotion kept the audience spellbound…"

--die tageszeitung (Berlin), May 22, 1989

"…a quite entertaining evening…the extremely effective scenery and costumes are constructed with a feeling for style…Macbeth-Play I successfully captures the high-tensioned and neurotically dramatic atmosphere of Shakespeare's tragedy…"

--Berlin Morgenpost, May 28, 1991.


"magical like an ancient incantation transmuted by high tech, the piece breathes magic…"

--Bernadette Bost, Le Monde, Jund 20, 1986

"Salomé is one of the most beautiful performances of poetry and music tthis year's theatrical season in Lyons has to offer."

--Philippe Andriot, Le Progrès (Lyons), June 18, 1986