Description of my video and sound work.

Global Warming (2001: song of the earth) is a 60 minute mood-poetic narration which offers the spectator the opportunity to set free thoughts about global warming and its consequences.

Global warming is an actuality. In the work I will show an imagined process of the decomposing action of the earth. The very first two minutes of the project are a kind of "Cassandra message" in which high and sharp non-verbal vocals describe what already is and predict what could become.

The video work is based on realistic images recorded during a flood, in which a little creek becomes a large stream flooding the landscape and transforming it into a waterscape. In my project I will show the tragic aspect and also the beauty of this transformation.

The earth in my video work is personified as a sleeping human head, "Mother Earth," and will be covered by water and will decompose step by step. By using transparency techniques and creating overlapping sounds and images, I am able to develop new dimensions. Other techniques I use are: integrating diverse video noises, slowing down the moving images or speeding them up, and copying images and bringing them several times back and forward from the computer to the camera.

I am working with very little source material. By using the techniques described I am able to intensify aspects of movement, continuity for the decomposing process and for the dramaturgical track of narration.

Nina Goede