from the libretto Dona Nobis Pacem

Looking for angels

After a terrible flooding finally we moved to the big city. On my way arriving here I met a dog sitting on the sidewalk who was trembling and still under shock. I asked him what happened and with a shaking voice he said, "I just escaped being hit by a truck. You can't count anymore on traffic lights, even if you respect them. You must be prepared to die any moment. If you have an angel that would help but these days they are not around anymore." So, an angel? "Anyway, I wouldn't have money to buy one," I said. The dog said, "It is not the question of buying an angel. You can't buy an angel, but you have to let him into your mind, into your spirit. But people don't have time and space for angels anymore, no interests in angels. You can buy a plastic angel and hang it around your neck. This might protect you. I got one from my master, but I lost my plastic angel. Keep looking, looking for angels, looking for angels." I said, "Thank you for all your information. Oh! Now I remember something: once I saw angels sitting all around in a big city and watching the people. But that was only in a movie." N.G.