New York University
Department of Music and Performing Arts
is presenting
A workshop production of the Opera Brut
OLYMPUS OVER THE CITY, 3.episode( stage version) directed by Nina Goedé,
and based on her composition Dona Nobis Pacem.

There is no plot in a conventional sense, but at one point the following text, taken from a 1995 interview with a young Bosnian girl appears. …before, we had a
large, two-story house,
about 270 square meters.
It was completely burnt down.
I watched it burn down,
hiding nearby the forest.

The 2. episode of the Opera Brut was created in
December, 2003 in Charlotte, NC, and the 4. episode will be presented on June 26 in Paris, under the auspices of Studio Iannis Xenakis, CCMIX, where Nina Goedé will be artist-in-residence.
Tonight’s performance, for singers, dancers, musicians, video projections, and prerecorded sound and music is in four movements I, II (A B C), III and IV, each featuring characteristic musical textures and rhythms, visual images, body movements and actions.
Nina Goedé is a European multimedia composer, artist and stage director whose Opera Brut projects have been presented at the Avignon Festival (France), the Akademie der Kunste (Berlin), Studio Grame (Lyons, France), La Mama Theater (New York), Experimental Intermedia (New York). In June, 2004 Nina Goedé will be artist-in-residence at Studio Iannis Xenakis in Paris.
In a NY Times review Bernard Holland has said of her work: “sound, color, light and physical gesture seek the specificity of feeling that the rational and the verbal can only imply.”

Katie Higham-Kessler dancer /vocals
Jellena Nikolic dancer/vocals
Yuan Zhou cello/vocals
Lynn Bechtold/ violin
Steve Cohn musician/vocals
Randy Skidmore vocals/movements
Michael Sperone vocals/movements
Dane Anderson vocals/movements
Jo Bergen vocals/movements
Chris Botto vocals/movements
Joseph Branciforte vocals/movements

Tanya Bechtler prerecorded cello
Daniel Werts music advisor
Randy Skidmore set designer/stage assistant
Nina Goedé composer, multi media artist and stage director Special thanks to Dinu Ghezzo, Robert Rowe, Claes Honig and Maria Petersen,
The Charlotte Observer

Dona Nobis Pacem (composition) and Olympus over the City( stage version)
are sponsored by The New York Foundation of the Arts.